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Fujin Double Blade Guide

Submitted: 11 years ago (09.28.2008) | Views: 40,426


A guide for double blade.


Leveling Guide
OK before we start I want you to know this is a guide (not a commandment) so u don't have to follow it to the letter! For example feel free to reverse the str and dex stats or even add more vit, it's all up to you!

Lvl 1: Go kill Zombie Soldiers!!! they're located just outside the city on any side. It's ok to use a Kat at the beginning, using your DBs is only important once you learn skills.

Lvl 2: put all of the pts into str (press "c" to bring up the stats window) so you can kill Zombies much faster.

Lvl 3: put 4 pts into Dexterity (dex) and 1 pt into str and keep killing zombies

Lvl 4: Put 5 pts into str and try to move up to Hunchbacks. If they prove too tough stay at Zombies.

Lvl 5: Put 2 pts into Vitality (vit) and 2 pts into Chi and the remaining pt into dex. Now is a good time to get a few skills. Go into Padsong and head to the northeastern corner (upper-right for those bad at directions) and talk to Trainer Sin. I'd recommend learning Fist of Steel (aka- FoS, the combo skill), 5-star Peak (the chi regen skill), Godly Firewall (aka- GF or FW, a defense buff) and traceless steps (the run skill, costs 2 skill pts to learn). To place a skill into your hotkeys, F1-F8, press "r" then right-click the skill and drop it in the box you want. If you're having trouble with this use the "bind" command on the skills window. By now you should be able to easily kill Hunchbacks, so i suggest killing more.

Lvl 6: put 3 pts into str and 2 pts into dex. Save your skill points for now.

Lvl 7: put 5 pts into str, go ahead and upgrade your Fist of Steel to lvl 2. To do this hit "r" which brings up your skill menu. Select FoS and hit the Skill up button. Everytime you up a skills level you'll need to rebind it.

Lvl 8: put 1 str, 4 dex, and upgrade your Godly Firewall. You should be using this skill often, it increase ur defense by a good percentage and this will save money on pills.

Lvl 9: again 1 str, 4 dex and upgrade your traceless steps. This will help you get around faster. By now you should move on to tougher mobs, try Copper Zombies and Axe Bandits.

Lvl 10: just like lvl 5 put 2 vit, 2 chi, and 1 dex. By now your stats should look like this (without increases from equips)
Vit: 5, Chi:5, Str: 22, Dex: 17

Lvl 11: put 3 pts str and 2 pts dex. Upgrade your FoS.

Lvl 12: Put 5 pts into dex. Upgrade your GF and continue to use it. By now you might be wondering "why shouldn't i upgrade my 5-star peak?" well that point is it's a waste of skill pts. At maxed 5 -star peak only recharges at 10 secs, at lvl 1 it recharges in 20 secs. 10 seconds is worth the extra 19 skill pts. If you can't wait, lvl it to mastery 2 (put 1 more skill pt into it) then it recharges in 19 secs.

Lvl 13: Put 5 pts into str. I do this because it lucky number 13 upgrade your FoS again.

Lvl 14: put 5 pts str and save the skill point. By now you should be killing Yellow Flag goblins. And congratulations at this level you begin to receive quests! Your 1st quest is too easy. The Herb salesman (located in the southwestern corner of Padsong, lower-left) asks you to take the blacksmith his medicine. This takes all of 20 secs and give you some XP, so go ahead and do it. However the next quest is a real toughy at your level, it's the first boss quest. Due to space consumption I ask that you look at the Quest Guide in this forum for more info on the quests. However this is my advice for the first boss quest. You have three options, 1) take Engabk by yourself and use alot of pills, 2) get help from a friend or someone in town, or 3) wait until you're a higher lvl.

Lvl 15: just like lvl 5 and 10, 2 vit, 2 chi, 1 dex. By now you should understand the routine for applying skill points. At early lvls the only skills you need are the ones you learned at lvl 5. However you have a choice to make. Do you max GF 1st and hav incredible defense with a moderate Chi costs or do you max FoS 1st and spend enormous amounts of Chi to kill a mob? I advice working on GF b/c once you learn your AoE skill (Death Whirlpool, DW) it keeps you alive much longer...

Lvl 16: 5 dex, and upgrade which skill (GF or Fos) you want maxed first. By now you should be getting 2 skill pts every lvl. You should also try killing bandits and partying with other players to lvl faster. To party with someone Shift-Click them and click "request party", however make sure the person is within 5 lvls of you, otherwise you can't party.

Lvl 17: 5 dex again and continue to upgrade that skill of your choice.

Lvl 18: 5 str, and that skill. At this lvl, find a good party and move on to the next map, Manpok Falls. Here you start hunting Bloody Hunchbacks.

Lvl 19: 1 vit, 1 chi, 1 str, 2 dex. and that skill

Lvl 20: 2 vit, 2 chi, 1 str. You can now say good-bye to lvling you HP and Chi b/c you are good for now. And hooray it's time to learn a new skill! Go back to Trainer Sin and learn the DB AoE skill, Death Whirlpool. This skill combined with GF and the aggro (aggressive) mobs in the Manpok Cave equal fast lvling! At this lvl your stats should look like:
Vit: 10, Chi: 10, Str: 42, Dex: 37

Lvl 21+: from here on put 2 pts str and 3 pts dex. Leave your AoE at lvl 1, your str stat will cover the skill lvl. Continue to work on maxing GF and FoS. Once you have maxed one (preferably GF), you might want to start putting points into a new skill, Death Finger (aka- DF). Death Finger is the Fujin's stun skill which comes in handy for PvP. Every 2 lvls move on to a stronger mob, from Bloody Hunchbacks to Twin Sickles to Red Flag Goblins to Vagabonds and Depravity Monks to Bucketheads. I advise staying clear of Sword Gorillas, they pack a punch and are aggro. To be safe I'd advise increasing Traceless Steps to mastery 10 by lvl 30. This helps you escape from gorillas and is vital for the upcoming PvP battles.

At lvl 40 here is my recommendation as to the lvl of certain skills:
Godly Firewall: maxed at 28
Fist of Steel (Combo): at lvl 20-25
Traceless Steps: at lvl 10
5-star Peak: lvl 1 (or 2)
Deadly Whirlpool (AoE): lvl 1
The rest of the skill points can be allocated as wanted

Lvl 30+: Now it's time to start PvP (also known as war, it's kinda like King of the Hill where each Faction tries to hold the middle for 5 min). The PvP arena for lvls 30-49 is Amhang, the portal is located in middle of the east wall in Manpok. My advice? Stay with the group and follow any orders given by the leader. Sometimes things may seem unorganized, but stick to the group and u'll be fine. Don't worry about dying, by lvl 40 you'll have the experience you need to stay alive. Also you may want to invest in a new skill called Heavenly Finger. Heavenly Finger is the anti-stun skill which gives you a passive resistance to stuns and can be used to unstun an ally. This will help you alot! You can also experiment w/ formation skills if you feel like it. Remember you need a party of 5 to activate one.

Here are some other tips to staying alive: 1) Don't be afraid to run from an enemy if you aren't confident, your faction should be there to help. 2) Jin are the masters at 1-hit kills. They like to take you out fast so make sure you're using GF often, watching ur health carefully, popping those pills, and stunning them to escape if need be. 3) Guan are about as unpredictable as we Fujin are in battle but they tend to be disorganized when under attack. Just follow the leader and you'll prevail.

If you play your cards right and stay alive, once the Fujin have opened the Formation (that is the light circle in the middle of the map), you'll gain access to a special dungeon, Osada Hall. In Osada all of the mobs are aggro (like Manpok's Cave) but they drop tabs that give you 2x XP gain for three hours when used. However if you die (this includes duels), logout, or use the /return warp you will lose this bonus. The Mobs also drop unique and rare items. I personally have gotten 2 lvl 45 rare armors.

Lvl 45+: By now you should've maxed GF, FoS, Death Finger, and Heavenly Finger. If you found a lvl 30 skill book while grinding make sure you have a clear fog (an item deletes 1 skill and relocates the pts to be redistributed). You might also want to max traceless steps or learn Pegasus Sprint (the jump skill). You should also have moved on to the third map, Nangun Peak to grind. Believe me a full party and a 2x XP tab make you level really fast.

Lvl 50+: Now things get fun. As a DB you can take alot of dmg and still dish it out. As a lvl 50+ you are ready for Samji Island RvR. The prize for winning Samji is a cave where special tickets are dropped that give you between 100-500k. This is where u start to make money. I highly suggest maxing traceless steps if you haven't already done so and learn the Jump skill, Pegasus Sprint, because you will need it for a quest at lvl 54. A tip on the Samji Quest (the optional one) is to be the last one standing and capture the formation by yourself That is how i beat the quest. If you get frustrated, just give it up. Howver it does give you 70% EXP when you complete it. Once you're lvl 55+ you should start grinding in Genshama Desert, just make sure you're packing the pills and tabs to heal.

Lvl 70-89: Welcome to the insanity known only as Yongpok! Seriously tho unless you like dying alot stay away. In yongpok you'll encounter master lvls and lvl 105+ w/ uber rares. So my advice is to stay out of it (at least until lvl 85 w/ rare wpn and robe). But anyway you get to fight in fun RvR known as Wargo Valley. Amazingly enough this is the least populated RvR zone, mainly because the attraction of Yongpok. Anyway Wargo is just like the RvR b4 it, hold the formation for 5 mins to get the victory cave. In this cave the special drops are gift boxes. Gift boxes are kinda like lucky tickets, they give you uni junk most of the time but occasionally you'll get a SoE, BS, or DS and maybe even a rare! For lvling, go to the cave in the desert and AoE away (it's not a bad idea to hav max AoE by now). If you are 80+ feel free to venture into Yongpok's victory cave if Fujin controls the formation. As for lvl 80 skills... Each skill cost 50 Skill pts just to learn and 100 pts to master. If you really want a lvl 80 skill I suggest HR or RF. HR is an atk reflection skill and RF is improved anti-stun.

Lvl 90-99: Welcome to Heolgo Hall, the money maker. This happens at 6 am and pm PST everyday. In this area (which occurs twice a day), you fight random mobs for a chance at rare skills and items. The giant bosses drop the most rare stuff but the small, easier mobs can drop good skills as well. If you survive, you'll receive 10% exp and 1mil in silver! There's also nothing wrong with hiding in a corner just to get your 10% and 1mil at this lvl. Now is also a good time to join in the Yongpok battles, just avoid fighting enemies that glow. I'd start AoEing in Yongpok's caves: Gyuwan and Yukko. This is also a good time to start learning a secondary set of skills, either Kat or Lute. Alot of people learn Kat for PvP and use their DBs for grinding, but it never hurts to hav a lute skill or two to kite bosses.

Heolgo Hall: Here's the scoop. There are 3 different mobs and 2 bosses. The mobs are easy to solo at 100+. The bosses however are quite tougher. Iron Demons hit about 6-7k (no elemental), while Ghost Commanders hit closer to 7-8k. Each drops about 2 SoEs, some unis, and maybe a little cash. However the real prize is from getting the last hit. Getting the final hit on a boss will give you 10mil and 10 CP. However now that Hall is Free-For-All bosses run wild and you need to constantly watch your back. A good build at lvl 105 is 50 vit, 1 chi, 200 dex, and the rest str.

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