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Fujin Lute Guide

Submitted: 11 years ago (11.30.2008) | Thanks: 1 | Views: 43,373


Complete fujin lute guide till lvl100.


I. Pros and Cons


The Lute's buff, Music of the Wind (the giant purple bubble), gives 20%+ Evasion and 20%+ Movement Speed
Of course, being a fast shooting range class, you should be able to appear, strike swiftly, and disappear without being touched. The extra Evasion and Speed given by Music of the Wind makes this even better.

-Monster Kiting
When fighting extremely strong monsters (Heologo Bosses for example) you should be able to kite them, in other words, shoot, back up shoot, without taking any damage.

Lute equipment is not in high demand, resulting in a lower price for armor and weapons.


-Stat gains
1 Strength = +2.94 Damage
1 Vitality = +14.29 HP
1 Chi = +17.14 Chi
1 Dexterity = +4.57 Chance to hit
+2.29 Dodge
The Damage gain is the lowest in the game. You also get less Evasion and Accuracy from Dexterity (compensated for).

I won't say it's hard, but Katanas and Double Blades have it easier. Katanas can take down mobs faster, Double Blades can withstand a lot of damage

In order to make a TOTALLY OWNAGE Lute, you need a fair amount of money for skills and materials.
II. Skill Build

As you are reading my guide, you may be confused on what skills to get. Refer back to this section to see what skills to put points into in order.


{Learn} Learn Skill, do not raise skill level
{MAX} Raise skill level to maximum
{Raise to __} Raise skill level to __
{Book of Clear Fog} Erase Skill

0) Five Star Peak {Learn}
1) Traceless Steps {Learn}
2) Ghost's Death Wail {Learn}
3) Music of the Wind {Learn}
4) Lunar Sonata {Learn}
5) Ghost's Death Wail {Raise to level 14}
6) Music of the Wind {MAX}
7) Ghost's Death Wail {MAX}
Cool Traceless Steps {MAX}
9) Heavenly Finger {MAX}
10) Pegasus Sprint {Learn}
11) Ghost's Death Wail {Book of Clear Fog} Icy Explosion {Learn and MAX}
12) Invisible Arrows {Learn and MAX}
13) Heavenly Blow {Learn and MAX}
14) Heavenly Shield {MAX}
15) Lunar Sonata {MAX}
16) Five-Star Peak {MAX}
17) Heavenly Repulsion {MAX}

III. Guide and Stats
Level 1: You spawn in Padsong Fortress. It is laggy, I know. Look at your minimap. The direction of the arrow points where your CHARACTER is facing, the ray of light points where your CAMERA is facing. Press - on the minimap to zoom competely out. Now, head south outside castle walls to kill some Zombie Soldiers. To target, click on them. To attack, click again. Repeat this until you level up.
Level 2: Good, level 2. Hit the hotkey “C” to access the stat window. Every time you level, you are awarded 5 Stat Points to distribute between 4 Stats, Vitality (VIT that gives HP), Chi (CHI that gives mana to use skills), Strength (STR gives attack power), and Dexterity (DEX that increases accuracy and avoidability). Right now, we want to be able to kill Zombie Soldiers in 1-2 hits, so dump all 5 Stat points into STR.

NOTE: If you mess up that stats, DON’T SWEAT IT. Elder Sangwan in Padsong Fortress can reset your stat points as long as you’re under level 30 and it's free.

Level 3: Dump all 5 Stat points into STR again; you should be able to kill Zombie Soldiers in 1 hit now. Before we start killing again, let’s take a visit to Lute Trainer Lim. She is north of the town square, by the giant left tower. Double click her and select the option “Teach”. Now under the General tab, select the skill “Five-Star Peak” and learn it. Hit the Hotkey “R” and open up the skill window. It should show Five Star Peak at mastery (1/1), meaning it took 1 skill point to learn. Left Click it once, press Bind, and drag it to one of your hotkeys. Now, every time you press that hotkey, you will activate five-star peak, which allows you regenerate chi. To turn it off, simply move. Now, run south of town and kill some more Zombies.

NOTE: Be careful when putting in SKILL points. Although Stat points can be reset, skill points CANNOT BE RESET (there is one way but it involves a Book of Clear Fog which is QUITE expensive.

Level 4: Put all 5 stat points into DEX. Go back to Lute Trainer Lim and learn your second skill, Traceless Steps. By activating this skill, you are able to run at the cost of chi per second. Go back to grinding Zombie Soldiers.

Level 5: Put 5 points into DEX again. Go back to Lute Trainer Lim (again) and learn your attack skill for now, Ghost's Death Wail. To use it, target a monster and press the hotkey for your multi-attack.

Level 6: By now, you should be able to kill Hunchbacks a little more south of your hunting spot. Put 4 points into VIT and 1 into DEX. Go back to Lute Trainer Lim (probably the last time in a while) and learn your buff skill, Music of the Wind. Once activated, it will provide you extra Evasion and Movement Speed that will help a GREAT deal while killing people later.

Level 7: Put 4 points into CHI and 1 into DEX. It is time to upgrade your Ghost's Death Wail. To start, open your skill window and click the skill you wish to upgrade and press “Upgrade”. Voila, you’ve upgraded your first skill! Now, every time you upgrade a skill, you must rebind it to your hotkeys. To do this, simply right-click drag your hotkey skill to your skill window and Bind the new skill back into the hotkey.

NOTE: You can adjust the power of the skill you want to bind by pressing the up and down arrows by your skill.


Level 8: Put all 5 points into STR. Upgrade your Ghost's Death Wail again. Keep grinding on those Hunchbacks.

Level 9: Put 5 points into STR. Upgrade your Ghost's Death Wail. You may move on to Copper Zombies now if you feel ready, but be forewarned that that pack quite a punch.

Level 10: You’ve hit the double digits! 5 points into DEX Upgrade your Ghost's Death Wail, buy yourself some better equips, keep grinding .

Level 70: Add 5 STR.

You are now qualified to enter Wargo Valley! Wargo is your standard war, almost identical to Samji and Amhang, except the monsters in the reward cave drop gift boxes. Gift Boxes give you Uniques and enchant materials when you open them!
Level 11: 5 Points into DEX. Ghost's Death Wail.

Level 12: 5 Points into STR. Ghost's Death Wail.

Level 13: 5 Points into DEX. Upgrade Ghost's Death Wail. You may choose to move to Yellow Flag Goblins and Red Bandits now.

Level 14: 5 Points into VIT. Upgrade Ghost's Death Wail. By now, you are able to do your first Mission. Go to the Herb Master in town and press "Quest". He will ask you to go deliver a medicine to the Blacksmith. Do so. There is also another quest that Elder Sangwan gives you, to kill Zombie Soldier Engubak. Since he IS reasonably strong, I would suggest getting help from a fellow Fujin, just remember that you have to get the last hit to complete the mission. Once you do this, you get 1 free skill point, so spend it on Ghost's Death Wail. Since there are missions every two levels, I won't list them all here. U have the fujin quest guide here so look into that.

Level 15: 5 Points into CHI. It's time to learn a new skill, Lunar Sotana. This is the Fujin's AOE (area of effect) skill to hit with splash damage. To use this skill effectively, lure 5-10 monsters into a group, activate Lunar Sotana and click so you spin and strike all the monsters. Repeat until all monsters die. The reason I ask you to learn this skill so early is for you to get used to the skill so you don't screw up killing monsters later at the expense of your EXP points.

Level 16: Add 5 STR.

Level 17: Add 5 STR.

Level 18: Add 5 DEX. You may choose to move up to Wounded Spear Soldiers and Bandits now.

Level 19: Add 5 STR.

Level 20: Add 2 STR 3 DEX.

Level 21: 5 points into STR. You may consider moving to Bloody Hunchbacks on the next map (Manpok Falls).

Level 22: 5 Points into DEX

Level 23: 5 Points into STR

Level 24: 5 Points into DEX. You may move on to Deity Squad Leaders (Twin Sickles).

Level 25: 5 Points into STR

Level 26: 5 Points into DEX. Move onto Red Flag Goblins.

Level 27: 5 Points into STR

Level 28: 5 Points into DEX. Move on to Vagabonds.

Level 29: 5 Points into CHI. Keep going! You're almost there!

Level 30: Good job, level 30! 5 Points into VIT.

This is where you'll start going to Amhang Valley, or the RvR wars. I think you've noticed before notices in the bottom right corner informing you about when Amhang Valley will open, correct? Amhang Valley will start 20 minutes after Beogong Formation closes, so [5] minutes [Beogong Formation] will close. means 25 minutes till Amhang. Amhang Valley is found near the middle of the east wall of Manpok Falls. If you win the war, you will have access to Osada Hall (Beogong Formation) where the monsters are aggro and drop Superior Tablets (2X EXP). In short, follow
your team leader and you should be just fine.

Level 31: Add 5 STR. You should be training in Osada Hall's aggro monsters. The type of monster is up to you, as long as they don't kill you too fast. Gather them up, AOE away. Use pills as necessary.

Level 32: Add 5 DEX.

Level 33: Add 5 STR.

Level 34: Add 5 DEX.

Level 35: Add 5 STR.

Level 36: Add 2 DEX 3 STR.

Level 37: Add 2 DEX 3 STR.

Level 38: Add 2 DEX 3 STR.

Level 39: Add 3 CHI 2 VIT.

Level 40: Add 3 VIT 2 CHI.

Level 41: Add 5 STR.

Level 42: Add 5 DEX.

Level 43: Add 5 STR.

Level 44: Add 5 DEX.

Level 45: Add 5 STR.

Level 46: Add 3 CHI 2 VIT.

Level 47: Add 3 VIT 2 CHI.

Level 48: Add 2 DEX 3 STR.

Level 49: Add 2 DEX 3 STR.

Level 50: 5 into STR.

The time has come to move on to the next war, Samji Island. The time is now, don't stay at Amhang it's just not worth it. The reason: TICKETS. These babies have about the same drop rate as Superior Tabs in Amhang but instead of 2X EXP... it gives you 100-500K. No that wasn't a mistype. What are you waiting for?! It's Samji time!


Level 51: Add 5 DEX.

Level 52: Add 5 STR.

Level 53: Add 5 DEX.

Level 54: Add 5 STR.

Level 55: Add 2 DEX 3 STR.

Level 56: Add 2 DEX 3 STR.

Level 57: Add 2 DEX 3 STR.

Level 58: Add 3 CHI 2 VIT.

Level 59: Add 3 VIT 2 CHI.

Level 60: Add 5 STR.

Once you've been in Samji a couple times and have gathered up a couple tickets, I recommend getting Book of Clear Fog to clear Ghost's Death Wail and to learn Icy Explosion (level 60 Single-Hit). If you are rich enough (we’re talking 30mill), you can consider buying Heavenly Shield (HS). Yes, HS, the Samji-sitter’s dream skill. HS allows you to BLOCK 150% of your health in non-elemental damage. So if you had 1000 health, your HS would last you 1500 HP. So it’s a good thing to have while killing people, but you can still
a) Get hit by shadow/light/dark damage
b) Have your shield broken
c) Get owned by Elder Sangwan. In one hit. Still.

Level 61: Add 5 DEX.

Level 62: Add 5 STR.

Level 63: Add 5 DEX.

Level 64: Add 5 STR.

Level 65: Add 3 CHI 2 VIT.

Level 66: Add 3 VIT 2 CHI.

Level 67: Add 2 DEX 3 STR.

Level 68: Add 2 DEX 3 STR.

Level 69: Add 2 DEX 3 STR.

Level 70: Add 5 STR.

You are now qualified to enter Wargo Valley! Wargo is your standard war, almost identical to Samji and Amhang, except the monsters in the reward cave drop gift boxes. Gift Boxes give you Uniques and enchant materials when you open them!

You are also allowed to enter Yanggok, the map past Gemsaha Desert. Here are some quick facts on Yanggok:

1) Yanggok is the border map for all the factions: Guanyin and Jinong can come here anytime. Also, if you smash their guardian shields, you can go into their maps! And kill their noobs! (noob must be at least level 70)

2) Every THREE HOURS the Yongpok Formation Battle Starts, and the faction with the formation has to DEFEND the circle from the other two factions!

3) Remember that purple buff “10%”? It gives a 10% EXP multiplier to ALL FUJIN. It’s obtained by your faction winning Yongpok Formation.

4) If your faction wins, you can go into the reward cave, which is good training for levels 70-105!

Level 71: Add 5 DEX.

Level 72: Add 5 STR.

Level 73: Add 5 DEX.

Level 74: Add 5 STR.

Level 75: Add 2 DEX 3 STR.

Level 76: Add 2 DEX 3 STR.

Level 77: Add 2 DEX 3 STR.

Level 78: Add 3 CHI 2 VIT.

Level 79: Add 3 VIT 2 CHI.

Level 80: Add 5 STR.

Please allow me to explain your choices of level 80 skills, Heavenly Repulsion (HR) and Heavenly Destruction (HD).
HR at MAX LEVEL allows you a 10% chance to reflect all non elemental damage back at the attacker. This does not apply to monsters and NPCs.
HD at MAX level allows each of your attacks a 10% chance to REMOVE an enemy’s Heavenly Shield (HS). In one hit.
You Probably don't want Reverse Flow right now (more anti-stun).

Level 81: Add 5 DEX.

Level 82: Add 5 STR.

Level 83: Add 5 DEX.

Level 84: Add 5 STR.

Level 85: Add 3 CHI 2 VIT.

Level 86: Add 3 VIT 2 CHI.

Level 87: Add 2 DEX 3 STR.

Level 88: Add 2 DEX 3 STR.

Level 89: Add 2 DEX 3 STR.

Running out of cash now? Have no fear. You are now allowed to enter Heolgo Hall, a special map that is accessible in Gemsaha Desert at 6:10 PM and AM everyday PST. If you out run the vast mob of people crowding the entrance you are warped in. Pick a spot and get ready. A little after closing, monsters will spawn. The smaller monsters drop uniques and skillbooks, your targets for now. The bigger ones take you out in one hir, but you will be able to tackle them as you become stronger. They drop Materials and Rares, and the person who gets the last hit on them receive 10,000,000 silver and 10CP! Let this be your motivation for leveling faster! Also, you get 1,000,000 silver for just surviving.

Level 90: Add 4 DEX 1 STR.

Level 91: Add 3 DEX 2 STR.

Level 92: Add 4 DEX 1 STR.

Level 93: Add 3 DEX 2 STR.

Level 94: Add 4 DEX 1 STR.

Level 95: Add 3 DEX 2 STR.

Try getting your level 95 gears here.

Level 96: Add 4 DEX 1 STR.

Level 97: Add 3 DEX 2 STR.

Level 98: Add 4 DEX 1 STR.

Level 99: Add 3 DEX 2 STR.

Level 100:Add 4 DEX 1 STR.

Great job! Level 100! You probably notice your eyes started glowing yellow. These glows come with level, they go like this:
100 Yellow Eyes
101 Yellow Hands
102 Yellow Legs
103 Yellow Body
104 Green Eyes
105 Green Hands
106 Green Legs
107 Green Body
108 Red Eyes
109 Dark Hands
110 Dark Legs
111 Dark Body
112 Full Body White Smoke

Also, for levels 100-112, you will stop getting stat points. Instead you will receive 650 HP and 250 CHI per level! Enjoy!

You are able to enter Paldo Island! This map is acessible in Gemsaha Desert 5:10 PM and AM PST everyday. There's a special catch to this war though. The faction that won that LAST war cannot go to the next one. For the Fujin of Devotion, we usualkly take the 5:10 PM Paldo everyday. After beating the crowd of people at the entrance, you help take down the bosses for the drawbridge to open. You rush to the center, wait 5 minutes, and viola, you got a free 10%! This may not seem like much, but considering the hard leveling at 100+, 10% is a lot. Have fun Paldoing!

You are also able to enter Samgok Island! This map is assessible through "Enter" option by taking through Guard Captain Yang in Padsong. Occurring in a cycle of all the level ranges, you only see the notice for Samgok for your level range. The ranges are 100-102, 102-105, 106-108, 109-112. After entering, you jump across some rocks and fight like any other war. The winning team gets Big Lucky Tickets, which give Uniques and other goodies (Superior Tablet among some). The initiating person gets two BLTs.

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