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Rares and Uniques Guide

Submitted: 11 years ago (12.01.2008) | Views: 9,436

Okay first of all, I got tired of grinding for hours looking for a rare that I wanted. I also got poor from buying rares . So I decided to create this list to help the common Jinong get money, lots and lots of money. Feel free to post and update what I have.
guys, also feel free to post where you got an elite, they will be shown in the color red
*edit* I updated the levels according to difficulty
Thank you to all of those that contributed, you made this list possible

Zombie Soldiers - Purple Jade, Red Jade, Skull pet

Hunchbacks - Skull pet, Butterfly Pet

Copper Zombies - Book of Clear Fog

Bandits - Red Jade

Spear Soldiers - Book of Clear Fog

Bloody Hunchbacks - Book of Clear Fog, purple jade, Bird Pet, skull pet, butterfly pet

Twin Sickles - Purple Jade, Butterfly pet

Gamera - Book of Clear Fog, Bird pet

Red Flag Goblins - Skull pet, Book of Clear Fog

Vagabonds - Purple Jade, Book of Clear Fog, Dark Steel

Bucketheads - Book of Clear Fog, Level 45 rare spear, Dark Steel, Red Jade

Frozen Corpse - Level 45 rare spear, skull pet, Level 45 rare scepter, Dark Steel, Book of Clear Fog, Level 45 rare ring, AeroBlast, Bird Pet, Level 45 rare gloves, Level 45 rare Light Blade, level 45 rare necklace, Dragon Typhoon, Devils Hallucination, Butterfly pet, Demon Gate Archive, Red Jade

Wounded Soldiers - Red Jade, Level 45 rare armor, Level 45 rare spear, Bird Pet, Level 45 rare gloves, AeroBlast, Dark Steel, level 45 rare necklace

Variant Arachnids - Demon's Breath

Bat Servants - Steel of Eternity, Black Steel

Mutant Arm - Level 55 rare light blade(obtained in Jondah hall),Level 55 rare spear, Level 55 rare scepter, Butterfly, Level 55 rare armor, AeroBlast, Book of Clear Fog

Flute Witches - Level 55 rare scepter

Red Toad - Level 55 rare light blade, level 55 rare boots, level 55 rare scepter, Hesvenly Shield

Bronze Herculean - Book of Clear Fog

Blue Kobolds - Level 65 rare spear,Level 65 rare boots, Level 65 rare scepter, Black Steel, Level 65 rare guan necklace, Level 65 rare armor

Bat Guards - Purple Jade

Giant Bells - Level 65 rare spear, Stunning Blow Formation, Black Steel, Level 75 rare Light Blade, Red Jade, Level 65 rare gloves, Level 65 rare scepter, Devil Spirit

Iron Shooter - Red Jade

Tower Lifters - Red Jade, Level 85 Rare Blade, Garuda's Song, Level 75 Rare Scepter, Level 75 rare boots, Purple Jade, Black Steel, Heavenly Shield, level 75 rare spear

Hulking Arms - Black Steel, Level 95 rare boots, HS, Garuda's Song(Obtained in Masin Tomb), Butterfly pet, Bird Pet, Purple Jade, Devil Spirit

Fu - Level rare 85 Boots, Book of Clear Fog, Slicing Wind Formation, Level 85 rare amulet

Golden Giant Bells - Heavenly Shield, level 85 rare spear

One Armed Men - Steel of Eternity, Book of Clear Fog, Bloody Sky Archive, Level 85 rare spear, Gods Legend

Iron Heavy Shooter - Level 85 rare guan blade, Marble Archive

Tattoed killers - Bird pet, Steel of Eternity, Book of Clear Fog, Northern Wind Legend, Heavenly Shield, Level 85 rare scepter, Fire Dragon Archive, Torn Spirit Finale, Marble Archive, Gold of Eternity(?), Garuda's Song, Stunning Blow Formation, butterfly pet, Level 55 rare scepter(?), Purple Jade, level 85 rare gloves, level 85 rare ring

Iron Giant Bell - Butterfly, Skull, Demon God Archive. Garuda's Song, Torn Spirit Finale, Red Jade, Heavenly Shield

Pink Assassins - Level 85 rare armor, Heavenly Shield, Rare level 95 spear, Red Jade, Purple Jade, munro finale,

Black Fiends - Level 105 rare light blade, Steel of Eternity, Heavenly Shield

Zombie Generals - Steel of Eternity, Purple Jade, Red Jade,Level 95 Rare light Blade, Garuda's Song

Blue Toad Grunt - Heavenly Shield, Level 85 rare guan armor

One Armed Gladiators - Level 105 rare light blade, Bird Pet, Level 95 rare necklace, steel of eternity, Level 95 rare light blade

Blue Assassins - Dark Steel, Steel of Eternity, Book of Clear Fog, Level 95 rare armor, Butterfly, Torn Spirit Finale, Demon God Archive, Level 95 rare Boots, Purple Jade

Giant Black Fiends - Bird Pet, Demon God Archive, Heavenly Shield, Torn Spirit Finale, Book of Clear Fog, Purple Jade

Mutant Arm Soldiers - Steel of Eternity, Book of Clear Fog, Heavenly Shield, Stunning Blow Formation, Tiger Army Formation, Bird Pet, Red Jade, Purple Jade, Rare level 95 necklace, Garuda's Song, Level 95 rare armor, Moon Wolf Legend, Level 95 rare light blade, Level 95 rare scepter, Skull Pet, Level 95 rare ring

Bronze Golems - Level 95 rare light blade, Black Steel, Heavenly Shield, Bird Pet

Blood Frozen Corpses - Steel of Eternity, Butterfly, Level 95 Rare Scepter, Level 95 Rare gloves, Marble Archive, Skull Pet, Heavenly Shield

Starving Toms - Level 95 rare boots, Book of Clear Fog, Bird pet, Butterfly pet, Steel of Eternity, Level 95 rare ring, Skill cape, Purple Jade, Demon Gate Archive

Aberrant Wolf - Red Jade, Sun Archive

Starving Cho - Steel of Eternity, Level 105 rare boots, Heavenly Shield, Purple Jade, Torn Spirit Finale, Demon God Archive, Gods Legend, m2 jinong gloves(?)

Golden Herculean - Slicing Wind Formation, Heavenly Shield, level 95 rare scepter

Kick Masters - Level 95 rare ring, Munro Finale

Ice Succubus - Northern Wind Legend

Huge Sword Servants - Level 105 rare spear, level 105 rare boots, Black Steel, Level 105 rare armor, Level 105 rare guanyin sword, Gods Legend, Purple Jade, Red Jade, Steel of Eternity, Jinong Chi Cape

Magic Grunts - Garuda's Song, Red Jade, Level 105 rare ring, Level 105 rare fujin armor, Level 105 rare guanyin marble, Level 105 rare spear, Level 105 rare guanyin boots, Level 105 rare guanyin armor, level 105 rare light blade, Stunning Blow Formation, 5 Star Formation, Level 105 rare ring, Purple Jade, Red Jade, Sun Archive

Dathwind Assassin - Butterfly pet

Mad Door Keeper - M9 Elite Lute

Gargantuan Sword Monster - Level 105 rare blade, Level 105 rare spear, Steel of Eternity

Blue Flame Fu - Garuda's Song

Half Bodied Azrael - Steel of Eternity, Level 105 rare spear, level 105 rare lute

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