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    9Dragons is the first authentic martial arts MMORPG, published by Korean game company Indy21 and remastered for the Western Market for Acclaim Games by American author Steven-Elliot Altman. The game features 3D graphics and traditional MMO control schemes. Set in China during the Ming Dynasty, it includes actual Chinese geography and historical features such as the Great Wall of China and the famous Shaolin Temple.

    9DragonsThe Clans a player may join in 9Dragons are based upon various schools of Kung Fu and are separated into two major factions, The White Clans (loyal to the Imperial Emperor) and The Black Clans (who have no allegiance to him). The White Clans include: Shaolin (male disciples only) you must be level 6 , Wu-Tang Clan (you must be level 20), and The League of Beggars (you must be level 4). The Black Clans include: Sacred Flower (female disciples only), The Brotherhood of Thieves, and Heavenly Demon Clan. Each Clan has its own separate but very similar requirements for admission.