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Not working 6 years ago
by georgeadrian112 georgeadrian112
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Working Buff Trainer

Submitted: 11 years ago (08.05.2008) | Views: 33,040


This may be basic but it works!


Install AutoIt if you do not have it already, the script below will need to be customized for the skills your character has.

extract the pinnacle.au3 file and right click it, then go to Edit Script.

Scroll down until you find the part that needs to be customized

;* Define Constants used with the skill array. *
Global Const $_NAME = 0
Global Const $_KEY = 1
Global Const $_DELAY = 2
Global Const $_VECOST = 3

Global $activeSkill = 0;set the default active skill.
Global $ve = 1000; Edit this to set up how much VE your character has, or how much you want to use before meditating.

;* Define skills. *
Global $skill[10][4];Setup an array of 10 skills. That should be enough since you cant have more of them on the bar ingame.

$skill[0][$_NAME] = "Summoning Spirits of Fire Ghosts" ; This is what will be shown in the toolwindow
$skill[0][$_KEY] = 6 ; Which key do you have this skill on?
$skill[0][$_DELAY] = 6000 ; How long should we wait before "pressing" the key again?
$skill[0][$_VECOST] = 12 ; How much VE does this skill cost?

$skill[1][$_NAME] = "Heavenly Spirits of Lost Souls"
$skill[1][$_KEY] = 7
$skill[1][$_DELAY] = 5000
$skill[1][$_VECOST] = 30

$skill[1][$_NAME] = "Basic Flower Protection"
$skill[1][$_KEY] = 5
$skill[1][$_DELAY] = 5000
$skill[1][$_VECOST] = 4

Dim $iArraySize = 2;Set the array size, for our next skill function.

Dim $hWnd, $hlSkill, $hlVE;Define our window and control handlers
Dim $pause = 0;Initialize the pause

Change your max VE in the first section, and set the names of your skills, what key you have them tied to, and their VE cost and recast(recast is in miliseconds)

Save the script once you have modified it to your likeing and go to Start->Program Files->Auto It v3-> Compile Script to .exe.

For the Source choose the pinnacle.au3 file you customized, then choose an output destination and click the convert button.

now run 9dragons and open the pinnacle.exe file you created, the following keys are the controls.

* F10 - Cycle through the defined skills, can be done while the mashing is active.
* F11 - Starts the skillmashing.
* Ctrl+F11 - Toggles pause.
* Esc - Shuts down the script completely.

Sacred Flower
My Sacred Flower Hybrid trainer.
Other clans can probably use it if you put your skills in these slots, but it won't work 100% efficiently.
Summoning Spirits of Ice Ghost- slot2
Summoning Spirits of Fire Ghost- slot6
Heavenly Spirits of Lost Souls- slot7

Download Here :

This is a script to be customized

Download Here :

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