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Get Acclaim Coins Free!

Submitted: 11 years ago (08.05.2008) | Thanks: 3 | Views: 12,705


Very important: This only works if you have dynamic IP, it aint working with static! Also may work for those know how to mount on neighbour's unsecured Wi-Fi, or know how to play with proxy switching! Hiding IP does not do the trick! Coz if no IP, then no coins!


So here goes, you have 1 connection and want some free acclaim coins!

1. Change IP
2. Make new email adress
3. Change IP
4. Go to official 9D web site and log there with your main acc, go to invite friends option, and send invitation, to email from step 2
5. Log out from 9D web site, very important, "log out"
6. Exit web site
7. Change IP
8. Go to email acc from step 2
9. Follow the invitation link, and register on 9D web site
10. Go to game log in as new "fake" user. and play 13 levels
11. Do 3-4 quests
12. Exit game
13. Change your IP

Now this takes about 2 hours to do! So 2h = 300 coins! If you want more repeat the process! If not go to your main and play!

To explain further! Acclaim checks: IP from what email was made, IP from what you log on their site, IP from what you log in game! That is why all this is needed to be done! If your new IP matches with any other IP recorded on server, it will fail!

Changing IP:
I) Those that have dynamic IP: Restart modem/router, by switching it out of power supply and switching back on! Important: not by pressing restart button, or on/off button, coz it sometimes fails to change IP!

II) Those that know how to play with proxy switching, and/or use unsecured Wi-Fi: Well no need to talk further, you know your stuff!

That is it! Also note: It may take for Acclaim to give you coins up too 1 month, but you will get them for sure! Sometimes I got them in 7 days, some times in 3 days, sometimes in 14 days, but it has happened I get them in 1 month! But I always get the coins!

Important: If you have 1 connection(provider) do not leach your charr from other PC, Acclaim checks external(well lets say modem') IP, and not internal(PC's) IP! So both PCs will apear to be on same IP and no coins will be given to you!

Now, I still pay for "90 days" premium, coz honestly, this aint worthy to me to do over and over again 15 times for premium that costs 4500 coins! I use this for my alt accs to get some little perks, and for my main acc when I see I'll lack of expendable goods soon (Korean Ginsengs, trigrams, decos, premium pills, Lion's Roars, Summoning Epistales, Panaceas, Elixirs and such)

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