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[RELEASE] 9Disciple hack for 9DVN 11/11 09

Submitted: 10 years ago (11.11.2009) | Thanks: 3 | Views: 28,124

The long awaited release of my hack has finally come. Not every feature
is time tested, which is why I'm releasing this as a beta. It's
important you keep in mind that several features are experimental,
which means undesired behavior may occur. Read the DISCLAIMER at the bottom before downloading! Do not download this hack or any imitation of it from any site other than the download link in this post.

Now, I will go through and give a brief overview of each section of the program.

Successful use of this feature requires items to be configured in the
itemnotify.xml file. Importantly, you must define valid item IDs. This
requires packet sniffing to obtain, such as dropping the desired item
on the ground and examining the data. Remember, item IDs in WPE are
shown in reverse. For example, the item ID for a Conq Herb low is
D4000803, in WPE that will be shown as 03 08 00 D4.

notifyMethods can be set to Beep, TTS, Both, or None. Beep sends a system beep, TTS uses text to speech, etc.

- Invisible
-Heal Wounds
-Auto Attack
-Pack Editor

Track Player</font>

Will enable location tracking for the player name typed in the text
box. Those familiar with Bloody Plains will know what this feature is.
Basically, when you're near this player your map will flash red. This
feature can be used on any map you desire.

Move TS</font>

Teleports your character to the very bottom left corner of current map. Generally coordinates 0,0.

Speed Buff</font>

Gives your character the Quick Speed skill buffs along with Quickness
buffs for maximum movement speed. The critical rate shown under the
Quick Speed buff does NOT apply, only the speed as this feature is
client side.

+5 Attrib Buff</font>

Gives your character the +5 to All Attributes buff. You MUST be near
the Hermit NPC for it to work. It is not free, it costs 3,000 gold.



All hotkeys apply to the current selected character tab only. Make sure
you have the right character selected before using a hotkey!

<table class="stg_table tborder" border="0"><tbody><tr class="alt2"><td>F10 </td><td> Disable Auto</td></tr><tr class="alt1"><td>F11 </td><td> Enable Auto</td></tr><tr class="alt2"><td>Page Up </td><td> Teleport to coordinates in 1st teleport box</td></tr><tr class="alt1"><td>Page Down </td><td> Teleport to coordinates in 2nd teleport box</td></tr></tbody></table><!-- table generated by StG's vB Code [table] v. (stable) o.95 -->

Auto Tab Select

If you change maps or login to an account in another game client
(multi-client), the new character tab is automatically selected and
given focus. This was a common complaint in the other programs.

Auto Save (experimental)

Whenever you close a character tab the settings on that tab are saved.
The next time you load up that character, the previous settings you had
will be loaded. It's noteworthy to point out that not all options are
currently saved, such as the experimental features.

Extra Features</font>

Viewing a characters Brief Info (experimental)

Ever wanted to know what level or equipment another character was
wearing without requesting Show All? Now when you select Brief Info on
a player, it will show their level, role, and full equipment. It does
not show their stats, as that is not currently possible. Very addicting


Q: My character does nothing when I enable Auto!

Make sure the progress bar in the status bar is full and says Ready,
make sure you have skills selected in your skill list, and at least 1
mob in the monster list. You must also be within 22 range of that mob
in order for it to attack.

Q: Where did the distance setting go?

This setting was removed as the maximum skill range is 22. Anything higher can cause disconnects.

Q: Why isn't Auto Add working?

Re-read the Monsters section above.

Q: How come my skill list is empty?

This is a rare bug that I haven't been able to resolve yet .
Changing map zones or re-logging will fix the problem. Also, make sure
the tab has your characters name. If it shows (none) then it won't be
able to load the skills. This is either because you are not connected,
or there is lag in which you should just wait or re-log.

Q: Every time I send a packet I get disconnected!

This is for advanced users only. If you do not know how to packet
sniff or manipulate packets properly then don't use this feature until
you have read a guide on packets and packet sniffing. A good guide to
get started can be found here: Packets - Sniffing & Analysis

Q: What is C/S in the status bar?

This shows the number of packets sent from the Client (C) and Server
(S) which is reset at 65,000. At 256 the program enters the Ready
state, where you can enable Auto.

Q: How do I change the Text-to-Speech voice?

Go to the Windows Control Panel and open up Speech. In the Voice
selection box drop-down select the desired voice. You can download and
install more voices from Microsoft.

Q: I get disconnected when I try to meditate

You need to disable Auto before you manually meditate. This is the same for all hacks, get use to it!

Q: Why does my character stop meditating when using auto meditate?

For unknown reasons, this happens very rarely. It's best to watch
your character successfully meditate with auto meditate at least once,
if it doesn't happen now then it probably won't happen later.

Q: How do I cancel Track Player?

Wait for the timer to run out.

Q: Does it work for Vista or Windows 7?

It was not designed or programmed with any support for Vista or
Windows 7. I don't know if it works on those version of Windows. It was
compiled under Windows XP.

Q: What version of the .NET framework do I need?

The program was compiled for .NET Framework 3.5.

Q: How do I tell which versions of the .NET framework I have installed?

Read this article from Microsoft.

Reporting Bugs</font>

Please do not report bugs in this thread. Instead, send me a Private
Message with a description of the bug. Then make a zip file of your
debug.log and 9Disciple.pdb (if one exists) and attach it.

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