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ArchLord Game Information

 1.There can be only one ArchLord! - Do you have what it takes to become the mighty ArchLord? Work with your guild as you embark on an epic voyage to be crowned the single ruling ArchLord.

2.Immortalise Yourself in History! - Immortalise yourself in history and with it leave behind your legacy as you fight in your epic struggle to become the all-ruling ArchLord!

3.Three Playable Races - Take your pick from three powerful races including Humans, Orcs and the enchanting Moon Elves.

4.Advanced PvP Systems - One of the most advanced PvP systems ever seen including full-blown castle sieges and epic guild-on-guild battles incorporating hundreds of players.

5.Amazing In-Game Visuals - The mystical world of Chantra is fantastically realised with astounding character detail and gorgeous landscapes.