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Website Changelog

24th February 2015
1. Added delete log to admin menu. (needs styling)
2. Finished article delete button.
3. Fixed Rating connection bug
8th September 2014
1. Implemented SSL to enhance user security.
18th July 2014
1. Fixed the main site forums (link in header) that were previously loading into an empty directory.
5th July 2014
1. Discussions Temporarily Disabled
2. PM System bug fix.
5th March 2013
1. Fixed site time signature.
2. Fixed thumbnails.
19th June 2012
1. Fixed "send private message" link on profiles.
2. Added poking system. You can now poke each other and they'll appear in your account.
3. Fixed login redirection looping.
18th June 2012
1. New exploit header font now supports Firefox.
14th June 2012
1. Updated the screenshot viewer on content so that it now works and looks better.
2. Added new smilies.
13th June 2012
1. Added username change facility. You can find it in the point shop and use it in account settings.
12th June 2012
1. Updated Aika button.
2. Friend request PM's no longer link to addfriend.php, but to the friend requests page.
3. Added beta forums for testing with users.
11th June 2012
1. Fixed strange spacing underneath game banner and user avatar images after HTML5 changeover.
2. Fixed bug where users were unable to reply to a content discussion.
8th June 2012
1. Changed font for exploit headers.
2. Site now uses HTML 5 doctype.
7th June 2012
1. Added Sent Friends Requests management page where you can cancel all outstanding friend requests.
2. Fixed user activity link bug where discussion activity links were broken.
3. Added Friend Requests management page.
4. Added Screenshots Manager for your submissions and removed screenshots from edit page.
5. Fixed content edit parsing bug.
6th June 2012
1. Fixed empty and delete functions on private messages inbox.
2. Fixed problem with the link on the private messages dialogue when you receive a new message.
3. Point shop purchases now show properly in the user activity log.
4. Full users can now delete their own content discussions.
5th June 2012
1. Fixed tags to work with system updates.
2. Fixed a display bug with the downloads table on content pages.
3. Updated Aion button.
4. Fixed button CSS for Google Chrome.
5. Fixed a bug with some game news categories.
6. Updated Perfect World banner and button.
7. Fixed private messages sent box.
8. Fixed pagination on member list.
9. Updated some of the profile tab content listings to reflect design changes.
4th June 2012
1. Updated various design elements.
2. Updated site header design.
3. Diablo 3 added.
4. Tweaked shoutbox design.
3rd June 2012
1. Changed games list header image.
2. Updated Your Account icons and tweaked design slightly.
3. Fixed 1 month full user activation bug in point shop.
4. Tweaked point shop design.
2nd June 2012
1. Modified site header.
2. Added Bloodline Champions game icon.
3. Minor changelog improvements.
4. Updated private message page and button images.
1st June 2012
1. Sped up header news ticker.
2. Neatened social icons on the breadcrumbs bar.
3. Implemented RSS links in the breadcrumbs.
4. Improved news listings on game pages.
5. Added changelog.