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Guild Wars Game Information

Guild Wars is a multiplayer online role-playing game MMORPG distributed in an episodic series created by ArenaNet. Each campaign features its own continent of a common fictional world with new classes, mechanics, and competitive modes.

Guild Wars has no subscription fees and has several features designed to promote casual play by reducing grind with low maximum levels, instanced game zones, player-managed NPC henchmen and instant travel within the game.

Player characters may be created at the maximum level for player versus player matches, and equipment and skills in the game are balanced to ensure a level playing field for such characters.

Co-operative gameplay
Guild Wars players explore the game world, perform quests, kill monsters and complete missions while acquiring or obtaining experience points, skill points, skills, gold, and other items for the character.

Players are encouraged to form parties with other players in game NPC or heroes. Parties are formed in towns. Each town allows a maximum party size of up to 12. Upon leaving a town, each party is placed in a unique instance of the world created just for them. All non-verbal interaction between parties is, thus, limited to the towns. Quests are given by NPCs to advance the storyline and open new missions. revealing the actions of the antagonist.

Competitive Gameplay
Player versus Player combat in Guild Wars is consensual and is team based. PVP combat is restricted to special areas most of which is located on The Battle Isles. Individual campaigns also have campaign specific arenas.
Players may participate in PvP combat with either their role-playing characters or with characters created specifically for PvP. Experience points and faction points are awarded for victories in competivie battles

The primary competitive arenas are:

Random Arena - These are four-on-four matches with teams randomly selected from those waiting to enter combat.
Team Arena - These are four-on-four matches where players select the teams.

Heroes' Ascent - This is a continuous tournament where players create teams of eight and do battle for the favor of the gods. Teams progress by victory through a series of stages, leading to the final area of the tournament known as the Hall of Heroes. Stages in the Heroes' Ascent tournament include deathmatch, altar-control, and capture-the-relic victory conditions. Victories award players with fame points.

Alliance Battles - A competitive arena where 12 players aligned with one of the opposing Kurzick and Luxon factions team up to fight an opposing team to gain new territory for their faction. The 12 player team has three player formed teams of four. Teams are selected randomly from other teams waiting on each side when the match begins. Alliance Battles grant alliance faction and affect the border between the two factions in the Factions specific continent of Cantha. The location of the border affects the map in which the battles take place by adding a bias to favor the faction losing the war.

Guild Battles - Two guilds meet with the aim of killing the opposing Guild Lord. Victory affects the rank of the guild in the global Guild versus Guild ladder.

Hero Battles - A competitive arena where two players, each controlling three NPC heroes compete to gain control of strategic points. These matches not only test the players combat abilities but also their strategic abilities like.

Competitive Missions - A pair of competitive arenas where randomly assembled teams from the opposing nations enact particular events in the Kurzick/Luxon war. Victories in these missions have no global effect but do grant the players with alliance faction.

Player characters

There are 10 core professions in Guild Wars. Player characters have a primary and secondary profession which determine the skills and attributes available for that character.

The professions depend on what campaign you have.The three campaigns include Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall. Elementalist, Mesmer, Monk, Necromancer, Ranger, and Warrior can be used on any campaign. Factions is needed for Assasin and Ritualist. Nightfall is needed for Dervish and Paragon.

These primary profession determine the character's appearance and armor which gives the character the ability to use the primary profession more effectively using a primary attribute line.

The secondary profession allows the character to access the skills and all but the primary attributes of the profession.