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Pre-Searing 6 Ale Run

Submitted: 11 years ago (08.30.2008) | Views: 5,461

There are 2 paths to get to the Drunken Hunters(located at character position or Collector Icon on U map) who give you an unlogged quest to get Ale if you can kill a bear AND return to them in 3 minutes. The path shown above is the fastest, the other takes you through a spider leg and seeds run (for making a little extra cash in Fort Ranik for armor upgrades), the spider/seed run is farther south of Ranik but will drop you right out at the hunters if you cross the stream before the Oakheart and Aloe Seeds/Roots location directly west of the number 1 location. The path on the map runs you past the Skales just outside of Ranik through the field past the 'To Lakeside County' sign and up around the hill near the logs at the base of the hill as illustrated in the first image.

If you take the path shown in the first map you will run right past the first 2 bears (location #1), just run to the hunters and get the Ale quest, and as soon as one of the hunters (Choose Neihl he's more reliable and doesn't run off) says:
Ahh *hic* another challenger!
You can run off to the location of the bear. Now, this is very important!! DO NOT KILL THE BEAR UNTIL THE TIMER POPS UP ON YOUR SCREEN!!! or you will not get credit for the kill. Once the timer pops up you can finish the bear off and run back to the hunter you talked to and receive your reward.

Now, there are timing issues that need to be discussed, you get approximately 18 seconds head start if you run off when they say: Ahh *hic* another challenger!, which gives you about 3 minutes 18 seconds to kill the bear and return which is more than enough time USUALLY.

What I mean by usually is that if you have less than 50 seconds left on the clock and the hunters have just began a round of 'Blood, Sweat, and Tears' then you are probably not going to get your Ale for that run. However, the 'Blood, Sweat, and Tears' script has random breakpoints, the longest time is 50 seconds the shortest time is 14 seconds. And always remember that you are being timed so keep clicking on the hunter to get your reward as soon as his preprogrammed script is finished, because it can't be interupted. Your Ale reward will show up in the chat box as navy/green(maybe?) blue text, in any case it's darker than most all texts and the ale will also show up in your inventory.

Reminder: each run consists of 2 trips, you can only get 1 ale per bear but you cannot kill them both and get 2 ales on the same trip.
Do Not Kill Both Bears On 1 Trip!

Run number 1 is the easiest, your only problem is going to be a spider or two on this run. You ran past them if you took the path in the image.

Run number 2 is easy but you will encounter added resistance from Grawl and maybe Spiders. If you are a caster class then you may have to bring along some stronger heals. In the picture you go up and around the spider that is behind the hunters up on the hill near the big tree (it is almost ALWAYS there), just ignore everything and run to the bears to the right, they are most always down near the water.

Reminder: CTRL is your friend for finding bears if you've never done these runs before.
IF you get lost on your way there, let the timer expire and return to the hunters and start over or search for the bears and clear the way if you need to, but DO NOT KILL THE BEARS and then return to the hunters and start over.
IF you get lost on your way back to the hunters, rememer your U map and follow your dots to the Collector Icon. If you don't make it in time you have lost your Ale for that run.
IF you cannot survive running any of these runs then kill off the creatures in the way at your leisure, this method will take much much more time, consider making an ALE running character - warrior preferably.

Run number 3 is very dangerous and is only adviseable for a warrior. This run requires you to run from the hunters to the pond where you dip the Hunter's Horn for Aidan. As you can see on the map, this location is just on the inside of the Wizards Folley portal and it will require nearly all the time to do. It consists of running through nearly 40 creatures: grawl, grawl shamans, grawl longspear, spiders, wolves, skale, and kill a bear then return through all that again. Attempt to avoid as much unnecessary aggro as possible on this run, but run as straight there as possible to avoid unnecessary time loss. If you die on the return run after killing the bear you have lost your ale because you can't get from the res shrine to the hunter's in time. If done correctly you will have approximately 35 seconds left which gives you barely enough time if they have started their 'Blood, Sweat, and Tears' script.
You can get 6 ales per session using this guide, it's not as detailed as most guides but it shows you the basics of the Ale Run. Try it out, everyone can make runs 1 & 2, anything less than a warrior level armor will have a hard time with run 3 so be prepared for that and don't waste too much time on healing. If you kill the bear on run 3 and still have 50% health then you are good to go. Don't do unnecessary healing, that wastes time and you have very little to spare on run 3. A full run of all 6 ales takes nearly 18 minutes if you don't get caught in a 'Blood, Sweat, and Tears' script.

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Pre-Searing 6 Ale Run
Pre-Searing 6 Ale Run

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