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Korean Government vs L2Walker

Posted 12 years ago

L2Walker site as of 12/12/08Botting has become such a popular trend in Lineage 2 that the domestic Government of Lineage 2 creator NCSoft is persuing bot developers by law. It was done once before with the popular Lineage 1 bot LinMate and now they're persuing the Chinese L2Walker developers.

L2Walker is a popular bot application that was developed by Chinese programmers.

The main L2Walker website was taken down and replaced with a message that read "For some reason we will close the website for a while"

The reason it has been confirmed is because the Korean Government is pressing for the termination of L2Walker.

However, L2Walker English spokesperson confirmed that L2Walker WILL continue but more underground.

8th May 2021 | Category: Lineage 2 by IceCube IceCube | Permalink | Views: 4255