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Russian man kills Lineage 2 enemy

Posted 12 years ago

We all know that guy who gets into MMOs a little too hard, but you would never think of him taking his online brunts into the real world. However this is exactly what has happened in Russia, when a Lineage II player from a rival clan beat another to death.

The altercation started on December 31st when an online battle between the victim and the killer’s clan resulted in the killer’s clan being wiped out. The situation escalated from there, with a real life confrontation forming and the 33 year old man being beaten to death. The killer has been identified as a 22 year old student who reportedly shows no remorse for the victim and lives by his clan rule:

“Beat everything that moves, and everything that doesn’t move - move and beat!”

Unfortunately the rival gang don’t not seem to be able to differentiate real life from online as pointed out when the victim’s sister talked to Russia Today:

“I think [the rival clan] have confused the game and reality. And after we buried him on December 31, they continued to threaten us.”

While this may seem a one-off freak incident, it is tragically Russia’s second Lineage II related murder in a year.

8th May 2021 | Category: Lineage 2 by IceCube IceCube | Permalink | Views: 3346