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Payment Issues & Upcoming Changes

Posted 10 years ago


Runes of Magic a long time game of game of GX has been removed. An issue was caused with this game, and the gamexploits payment system (paypal). Since the issue users have not been able to post in the market place or get premium access. So I would like to say here and now we are very sorry for the delay! Your patience has been nothing but a blessing on us.

Now it appears the issue with Runes of Magic has been resolved. The paypal is asking for verification, which could take anywhere between 24-72 hours. So you all should be able to start posting up in the market place or upgrading to Premium members in no time!


Also I am going to be moving up the tier of the GX staff to a developer / admin status. Meaning I will be also directly affiliated with site content and addition. In the months to come new features to be added to make your experiace here more amersive.


Larik - Site Admin

1st Aug 2021 | Category: Website by Larik Larik | Permalink | Views: 4846