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All content on GameXploits that is tagged with exploit.

  exploit Status Rating
Sniper Exploit Sniper Exploit
Cast Unlimited shrapnels in the year beast mode.
5 stars
1 Vote
Facebook Gift Collector (works with all games)
Facebook Gift Collector (works with all games) has a download
Facebook Gift Collector (works with all games)
With Facebook Gift Collector you can accept or ignore any Facebook games request in just one click.|
3 stars
2 Votes
Blitzcrank + Dragon
1 stars
3 Votes
Getting out of the pink bubble in EOTS
Six easy steps to getting out of pink bubble
How to receive a free fire panda and a free training ticket
this is a guide on how u can have a fire panda and a training voucher just by creating an account.
5 stars
3 Votes
King of Kung Fu Exploit
If you use a shelter charm in KoKF, you can't be attacked. You can buy shelter charms from the item ...
1 stars
1 Vote
20K/Hour Boost and Heli Glitch
The videos below show how one can glitch or boost effectively scoring roughly 20,000 pts/hour. This ...
4 stars
7 Votes
XTrap Disabler
This will disable Xtrap allowing you to run cheat engine while game runs.
Oracle[Bot] Redone has a download
Oracle[Bot] Redone
I messed around with Oracle bot a bit, and I think I have a temp solution.
3 stars
5 Votes
Karos Paladin Exploit
This will enable you to play the paladin class wich it not available at the moment
Low Level Free Health
This exploit allows you to regen your health EXTREMELY quickly in low levels using nothing but a sim...
2 stars
9 Votes
Shadow Miner
Shadow Miner has a download
Shadow Miner
This bot will allow to mine for you 23/7. Contains autologin. Get rich when you afk.
5 stars
20 Votes
Universal HaCk - Multiclien / Playercount has a download
Universal HaCk - Multiclien / Playercount
This is a 12Sky Client with some more Futures. It shows you howmany Players are online at each Serve...
3 stars
2 Votes
Nerubian Chitins
Get stacks of Nerubain Chitins easily. They sell on my server for 8 gold each or 160 gold for 20. ...