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All content on GameXploits that is tagged with glitch.

  glitch Status Rating
How to get completely naked
Using this small glitch, you can make your avatar completely naked.
TT 1-1,2,3 Arrgo Off Glitch
This is a Glitch that no one has posted on here yet so im going to share it to you Guys/Gals..
3 stars
2 Votes
20K/Hour Boost and Heli Glitch
The videos below show how one can glitch or boost effectively scoring roughly 20,000 pts/hour. This ...
4 stars
7 Votes
WoW v1.3.6 Bot
WoW v1.3.6 Bot has a download
WoW v1.3.6 Bot
4 stars
2 Votes
Boss glitching for Veno/WF
Works only on pure physical close range dmg bosses. Does not work on bosses with mag attack or range...
4 stars
6 Votes
26k and 75k trick has a video.
26k and 75k trick
Pvp World hot spot glitch to get expensive items
4 stars
1 Vote