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All content on GameXploits that is tagged with gold.

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Huge Profit With Gems - Strategy for Any Level
This strategy is very simple and yet for some reason players still haven’t figured it out yet. You...
Socket Weapons Gold Making Strategy Socket Weapons Gold Making Strategy
This is a simple D3 gold making strategy yet it can turn a very quick profit for you.
Shaiya GoldGrab
This tool is very simple. It is used to get ALL gold in a pp.
2 stars
8 Votes
PiroxBots pvpTool
PiroxBots pvpTool has a video.
PiroxBots pvpTool
pvpTool is a very good World of Warcraft PvP, Level, Farming, Fishing and Gather Bot with a great co...
3 stars
1 Vote
Auto herb/mine bot 15 usd lifetime
This thing will even ah all your items with one button
Tags: wow, gold, bot
Nerubian Chitins
Get stacks of Nerubain Chitins easily. They sell on my server for 8 gold each or 160 gold for 20. ...