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l2walker script

All content on GameXploits that is tagged with l2walker script.

  l2walker script Status Rating
Infernium Ore Script has a download
Infernium Ore Script
This script turns in Stolen Infernium ore the numbers chosen are preset and can be modified. If peop...
2 stars
1 Vote
Scavenger Quest Script has a download
Scavenger Quest Script
L2Walker Script for the Scavenger Quest.
2 stars
1 Vote
Safe House Script has a download
Safe House Script
Configure this L2Walker Script and it will take you to and from a "safe" resting area, ca...
2 stars
1 Vote
Red Gem Turning Script has a download
Red Gem Turning Script
L2Walker Script for turning Red Gems at the appropriate NPC.
2 stars
1 Vote
Manor Seed Utility Script has a download
Manor Seed Utility Script
L2Walker Script that sews and reaps.
2 stars
1 Vote
Fishing Shot Script has a download
Fishing Shot Script
Fishing Shot Script for L2Walker
2 stars
1 Vote
Grave Robber Quest Script has a download
Grave Robber Quest Script
L2Walker Script for the Grave Robber Quest.
2 stars
1 Vote