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lineage 1

All content on GameXploits that is tagged with lineage 1.

Recommended lineage 1
  lineage 1 Status Rating
Lineage 1.5
Lineage 1.5 has custom zones, bosses, items and equipment. It is a fun community driven server, with...
3 stars
4 Votes
All lineage 1
  lineage 1 Status Rating
Lineage Classic Lineage Classic
Lineage Classic offers you Knight, Mage, Elf, Dark Elf, and Prince/Princess. Enjoy Lineage 1 with a...
JoLa JoLa
Jola is a program that can auto follow you and can do easy auto rubbing for you as well
Tags: L1, Lineage 1, Bot
4 stars
6 Votes
No swing lag
1 stars
2 Votes
Shock Stun Macro
Auto Buff, 1 Click, PVP Macro
Arrows on 51f+ Monsters
Places arrows ontop of 51+f mobs. Makes for much easier targetting.
Aden Map Guide Mod
Places guides on your map, only if using Aden Map (full map). Makes it easier to find locations.
Black Theme
A black inventory and setup. Makes everything black on your UI. Easier to see HP.MP bars, very futu...
Yeti Mod
A mod that makes dancing swords, fungus, nightmare, etc. A lot easier to target.
Monster Tracking
This tracks mobs on all ToI floors, adds an arrow over them to make for easier targetting. Could ge...
Triple Arrow Hearts
Makes the triple arrow animation show a heart when it goes off. Easy to determine who is trippling.
Next Generation
Med/high Rates Exp: 200x Adena: 20x Custom Maps, Items and lots more
[Lin1] Westknights Lineage 1
This is a mid-rate long term Lineage 1 private server hosted by old-school players of Ken server. E...