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All content on GameXploits that is tagged with macro.

  macro Status Rating
This is a super simple app for sending lightening fast keys to any game client or window. Autoclick...
5 stars
1 Vote
Automatic Aion Bot v.2.9.3 by hazetheone! has a download Automatic Aion Bot v.2.9.3 by hazetheone! has a video.
Automatic Aion Bot v.2.9.3 by hazetheone!
The Automatic Aion Bot v.2.9.3 by hazetheone does everything for you! Even Better in v.3.0.1!!
4 stars
8 Votes
Aion Bot V.4.01 by hazetheone has a download Aion Bot V.4.01 by hazetheone has a video.
Aion Bot V.4.01 by hazetheone
The new Aion Bot by hazetheone is finally availiable!
4 stars
6 Votes
Kill Macro Unleashed
All you need to do is find an area that it can roam around in... Tilt the view of the camera so its ...
Tags: Aion, Macro, Bot
4 stars
4 Votes
Kill Macro Kill Macro
This is a macro you can run with a free program that interacts with the aion game when it is set to ...
Tags: Aion, Macro, Bot
3 stars
5 Votes
Cleric Macros
4 stars
4 Votes
GhostSuite has a download
They have created a program that out does any other program available for macro-mining in EVE online...
5 stars
1 Vote
Shock Stun Macro
Auto Buff, 1 Click, PVP Macro
Shadow Miner
Shadow Miner has a download
Shadow Miner
This bot will allow to mine for you 23/7. Contains autologin. Get rich when you afk.
5 stars
20 Votes
AC Tool Bot AC Tool Bot
This needs improvement! This is not a stand-alone bot. It could be with some work. I want to get ide...
Boss Killer Macro
This macro is meant to be used for killing bugged raid bosses and I use it especially for farming ge...
5 stars
1 Vote
Crafting Macro
AutoIT macro that automates crafting.
Auto Attack
ACTool macro that automates EQ2 hunting and grinding.