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Perfect World Bot

All content on GameXploits that is tagged with Perfect World Bot.

  Perfect World Bot Status Rating
Legal Bot ...Bot, but not bot... has a download
Legal Bot ...Bot, but not bot...
It's simple and legal. Some players can try report bot, but they will not.
3 stars
2 Votes
***UPDATED*** RemBot 1.2
***UPDATED*** RemBot 1.2 has a download
***UPDATED*** RemBot 1.2
.Net Multi Client Bot for Perfect World
5 stars
4 Votes
AutoTalker has a download
Perfect World bot that automatically talks for you. Good for trading, etc.
4 stars
7 Votes
Revo 3.1
Revo 3.1 has a download Revo 3.1 has a video.
Revo 3.1
Awesome autohunting and multihack Perfect World Bot that is simple to use!
4 stars
59 Votes
ZcPWBot 1.26
ZcPWBot 1.26 has a download
ZcPWBot 1.26
Advanced bot that kills with distance, lvl, height filter, and more.
4 stars
14 Votes
Aggrobot 2.0 has a download
Aggrobot 2.0
GUI pixel bot that can auto-buff, auto fight, and more.
4 stars
5 Votes