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All content on GameXploits that is tagged with pvp.

  pvp Status Rating
Shaiya Blood has a video.
Shaiya Blood
Server has thousands and thousands of players, loads of PvP all day long.
5 stars
1 Vote
Mayhem Kung Fu - Nightmare's Descent
Mayhem Kung Fu - Nightmare's Descent has a video.
Mayhem Kung Fu - Nightmare's Descent
We offer 2 Different server bases cap 145 and cap 60 - 145 cap will increase to 150 soon with new it...
5 stars
7 Votes
FlyForDope has a download FlyForDope has a video.
Dope flyff is a flyff for fun private server, with small but fun community. The server customizable ...
4 stars
3 Votes
Cleric Mastering
A little guide on how to succeed as a cleric whether it is as a supporter, PvP or PvE.
4 stars
7 Votes
Shayia UBS 2.0 Shayia UBS 2.0
2 stars
10 Votes
L2 FOCUS has a download
WEBSITE: [[[ [email protected] ]]]
4 stars
2 Votes
PiroxBots pvpTool PiroxBots pvpTool
pvpTool is a very good World of Warcraft PvP, Level, Farming, Fishing and Gather Bot with a great co...
3 stars
1 Vote
26k and 75k trick has a video.
26k and 75k trick
Pvp World hot spot glitch to get expensive items
4 stars
1 Vote