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All content on GameXploits that is tagged with scam.

  scam Status Rating
The 10% scam
Your offering 10% of their "because you are leaving dofus"
1 stars
1 Vote
Skill Scam
buy a good skill 9th kat or 6th kat or whatever...doesnt matter really just get a good one...find a ...
5 stars
1 Vote
Scamming with a pet
Scamming with a pet PART 1
5 stars
2 Votes
More for Less
Trick them into thinking they are getting more for less :) ==CAN WORK FOR ANY GAME(Or just about ...
Tags: Scam
4 stars
9 Votes
Ap fun card scam
This Scam is all about skill and thinking fast and know what to say at the time. Difficulty is [Med...
Tags: Scam, Fun Card
5 stars
5 Votes
Scamming pros
This tut is about noobs ( lvl 30- ) to scam pros ( lvl 50+ ). Lvl 50+s can also use this for lvl 60+...
Tags: scam
4 stars
5 Votes
Two Man Adena Scam
Tags: scam
3 stars
1 Vote